Why animal kibble can hardly be found on the shelves anymore

In supermarkets or specialist shops, the shelves with animal kibble are empty. – Credit: CHRISTOPHE BARREAU/MAXPPP/PHOTOPQR/L’INDEPENDENT/MAXPPP

DHalf-empty kibble racks, missing references… Finding food for your pets is becoming increasingly difficult in supermarkets and pet stores. Shortages related to the lack of supply from manufacturers of croquettes and other pâtés. If inflation on these products was already high, the breakage rate is also high, says BFM TV. According to the specialized institute IRI, it is around 10%, an increase of 2.3 points in a year. And in dry cat food, the split is 10.2%, up 4.2 points over a year.

Several factors have been put forward to explain these shortages in stores. The Purina France brand justified this dynamism by a global economic context that “results in an exceptional increase in production costs”. The increase in demand since the Covid-19 crisis is also under discussion. The company is struggling to “capture this demand” due to “the situation that has delayed investment projects”.

Swine flu and bird flu

Another element put forward by Rodolphe Bonnasse, president of the Aristide group and specialist in mass distribution: “a break in the production chain”, he assured the news channel. The swine fever and avian flu that hit producers led to “a lack of raw materials”. “90% of dog food comes from pigs or poultry. […] read more

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