which supermarkets offer the most competitive anti-inflation basket?

The store signs of Aldi, Leclerc and Lidl

Each brand has selected its products to compose its anti-inflation basket. They are free to set their prices, despite the low price rules imposed by Bercy. “Do all boards respect the rules of the game?Flavie Flament asks Olivier Dauvers, consumer journalist RTL.

“We do not yet know whether some brands are playing the game. For example, the three brands Leclerc, Lidl and Aldi enjoy a good image among consumers because they have low prices. Therefore, they do not have to put up an anti-inflation basket. “, explains Olivier Dauvers.

“Other brands can actually take advantage of this anti-inflation basket to get a good image. I went to the casino on the first day of this anti-inflation quarter.” There were anti-inflation quarterly logos everywhere. The brand must tell the consumer: I am also participating, I am also fighting for the top prizes,” he continues.

All prices are not equal.

Oliver Davers

“Low prices” multiply in supermarkets to reassure customers, but which supermarket offers a bigger basket? And which products have been selected?

“Système U was the first to offer its anti-inflation basket and settled 150 products at cost price. At Intermarché and Casino they advertised 500 products. It is interesting if you stop at the number of products offered. But you know, the number does not make the quality. It is perhaps better to use products at cost price at Super U, i.e. without margin, than products at tight prices,” notes Olivier Dauvers in Here we are!

“Overwhelmingly we stay onfood and products for daily hygiene. I am thinking, for example, of feminine hygiene, which is, in principle, a binding expenditure. There are also distributor brands,” he adds. The journalist warns against these products. “Not all prices are equal. QWhen you buy entry-level products, you often get your money’s worth. I will take a specific case: you buy jam at first price, of course, but the sugar has been replaced by glucose-fructose syrup,” says Olivier Dauvers. He continues: “In first price ice cream, we do not use fresh cream, but oil. In the first price soft drinks we do not add sugar, but we do add sweeteners. I’m not a nutritionist, but from what I read, I tell myself it’s not a good idea.”

“So we do not throw ourselves on the first basket because it is cheaper. First and foremost, we look at what’s in the basket,” concludes Flavie Flament.

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