“We know that 2023 will be complicated”… Can the Biocoop recover after successive closures?

BIO CRISIS – The historic organic food brand Biocoop has been hit by the crisis in the sector and had to close about forty outlets last year.

A very dark fiscal year 2022. After years of growth and the apotheosis of the quarantine episodes in 2020, organic food brands quickly became disillusioned. Shocked by the fall in the food budget and by the war in Ukraine, the sector is being shunned by some customers. Over the past two years, the drop in turnover for brands has been estimated at -7 or even -10% per year. The consequences were as sudden as they were violent for both employees and customers. All over France, organic brands have closed their doors. It is estimated that more than 240 stores disappeared, all brands combined. Biocoop, an emblematic brand in the sector, has not been spared. In 2022, the cooperative with the blue logo had to close about forty of its 700 outlets. Will she recover? His defenders hope so, even if they expect a complicated year 2023.

Welcome to Rennes, a dynamic metropolis with more than 200,000 inhabitants. There were thirteen Scarabée stores here in 2022. Founded in 1983, this cooperative association of collective interest was one of the pioneers of organic in France. She was largely at the cradle of the cooperative network Biocoop, of which she has been a part since its foundation in 1986. (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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