Vladimir Putin in Crimea for the 9th anniversary of the annexation

With our correspondent in Moscow, Julian Collin

A journey that can be interpreted as a strong gesture of support for the annexed peninsula. The personal visit from the Russian president, who has traveled more frequently in recent weeks, comes as Crimea becomes an increasingly important topic for the Kremlin.

Because while Volodymyr Zelensky is in Kiev, he continues to promise his people a full recovery of the region. Several security incidents have also shattered the apparent calm in Crimea in recent months, including numerous drone overflights and several explosions near sensitive locations. And of course one devastating attack on the Crimean Bridge.

Vladimir Putin had promised on Friday at a meeting on the economic development of Crimea. He will do anything for it eliminate all threats ».

It should also be remembered that Moscow has already injected billions of euros into the peninsula, which has become a priority to the chagrin of other Russian regions. Putin also mentioned it” historical choice “, the ” reunion with Russia.

On Saturday, according to government footage, Putin arrived in a car, telling the local governor that he was a “ incredible leader, who knows how to surprise “. Then they visited a new cultural center in Sevastopol together. Before departure – in a foreign vehicle, in this case Japanese… Which the independent Russian channels did not fail to notice with irony.

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