Vianney on his role as a stepfather and the love of a child “that is not ours”

Although he remains quite discreet about his private life and keeps most of his relationship with his wife Catherine and their son Edgar to himself, Vianney (coach of The Voice on TF1) likes to talk about the relationship that unites him with his daughter-in-law. law, born of the first marriage of the cellist who shares his life. To the point of turning it into a song. A relationship that is not always easy but full of love, and that makes her very happy…

It’s a complex role, one he experienced long before becoming a father himself. In 2016, when he was only 25 years old and just met Catherine, his wife, singer Vianney was faced with a little surprise guest, the daughter of the young cellist’s first marriage. A little girl with whom he has built up a very strong bond, but not every day easily.

I discovered the beauty but also the complexity, the joy and the sorrow of loving a child that is not ours“, had also explained in the interview of seven to eightin March 2021 the trainer of The voice. Also aware that the difficulties had been shared between him and his daughter-in-law: “It is almost a way of the cross in some ways. It is difficult for a child surrounded by a parent who is not genetically his. If he has this awareness, there is a construction of a connection with this Other who arrives in his life, for the child it is very difficult.

His method? It “leave time“even if it means”not necessarily welcome“.”It is normal. It just takes a lot of love. You really have to stay on this course to be fully accepted“, he advised. A situation “complicated” more “to do with love“, of which he made a beautiful song, Father in lawa unique declaration of love to…

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