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UFC que Choisir denounced Carrefour cheating! The brand sells a non-essential consumer anti-inflation basket!

After denouncing the anti-inflation basket of Super U stores, UFC que Choisir denounced Carrefour’s deception allegedly selling non-essential products for customers!

An anti-inflation basket that does a lot of good

After the rise in gas and electricity bills, it is food prices that continue to rise in all supermarkets such as Carrefour. Inflation on these products is going abovemore than 14.5% in one year, according to INSEE. So the state set up the anti-inflation basket.

So it is a very good solution to help the French cope with the rise in food prices. The Minister of Economy, Bruno Le Maire, therefore explained that this project aims to offer customers “the lowest possible price”. This discounted basket ends on June 15. And it takes place in supermarkets such as Lidl, Super U and Carrefour.

Speaking of Carrefour, know that the company offers products from first necessity at low prices. There are about 200 low-priced items. Such as washing powder, jam, vegetables. Baby diapers, hygiene products. And even cookies.

There are also 100 “healthy” products classified withand a Nutri-Score A and B. Carrefour offers products that cost an average of 2 euros. This is not a great first as Carrefour already offered a list of “essential products at fixed prices” last January.

Therefore, the company offers 139 “products at locked prices” for 100 days. Yes, but now Carrefour is in the crosshairs of “UFC que Choisir”! The association accuses the brand of offering non-essential products for customers.

UFC que Choisir denounces Carrefour’s cheating

Yes, but here it is, in the Carrefour anti-inflation basket, there are products that are not essential. Like a “plastic” clothes hanger. Also a toaster. And a CO2 refill capsule. But that is not everything ! There are also four pairs of slippers, briefs and “pink veil” tights. Or a “compact” hair dryer and headphones.

This is not important at all in this crisis period… UFC que Choisir is therefore very angry! And for good reason! The association considers this a fraud because it would be a strategy to put the Carrefour brand in the spotlight.

In the list of 139 cheap products from Carrefour, the Tex brand stands for textiles. Then Bluesky for small home appliances. But also Poss for electronics. Or Nalk and Rey for razors, hair straighteners etc.

UFC Que Choisir shows that there are only 70 food products. On the other hand there is 30 hygiene drugstore. That is a lot! There are also 39 other products such as drugstores, textiles, office automation, household appliances. Or products that are not essential.

But Carrefour’s initiative is not illegal. Because the state gives Carrefour and its competitors the opportunity to implement before their own brands. Remember, Bruno Le Maire talked about an opportunity to showcase Distributor Brands (MDD).

Unfortunately, the anti-inflation basket is not unanimous. Olivier Andrault, responsible for the nutrition mission within the consumer association, then explains “Anti-inflation quarter deprives the customer of the opportunity to compare these products. So that means it can be a misleading advertisement to customers.”

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