Toni Freixa on the Negreira case: “I’ve never seen him in seven years at Barca”

“How did you react when the Negreira affair came to light?
I was very surprised. I didn’t know that Barça had a contract with the Vice-President of the Referee Commission for so many years. I don’t know Enriquez Negreira. I believe this man has nothing to do with the club. In seven years at Barca I have never seen him.

How do you explain that the club was able to use his services?
I am waiting for those who have called on him, that is, the presidents, to explain to us. It’s been a month and nothing so far. I understand this gentleman (negreira) offered its referent analysis services and that some people thought it was a good idea to be considered or not be disadvantaged. Because in Barcelona there has always been the idea that arbitration is disadvantageous for Barca compared to Real Madrid.

Are you surprised by the reactions of the Spanish football world to this affair?
No, it is normal to react to such information. The problem is that there are people, especially in Madrid, who do not know the case, but jump to the conclusion by saying that Barça bought referees. I dispute it. »

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