Thierry Lhermitte father of Louise, Astrée and Victor: he reveals what his 3 children do in life

Quite modest when it comes to talking about his family, Thierry Lhermitte nevertheless lent himself to the question/answer game against Bernard Montiel, eager to push the actor to his limits. Thus he was able to collect very rare secrets about his three children: Lonny (stage name of his daughter Louise, editor’s note), the youngest at almost 30 years old, “play music” and “played viola from 6 to 18 years old“, Victor, 44, works”under restoration in Canadaand Astrée, the eldest of the 48-year-old siblings, is a “painter.” And that’s all Bernard Montiel and the listeners will know about this timid exchange.

I am close to my three children

If he is also silent about his family life and his descendants, it is not because Thierry Lhermitte has complicated relationships with his daughters and his son, on the contrary. “I am close to my three children. In general, things warm up a bit in adolescence and we meet later. Except with my youngest daughter, 22, with whom I have always been very close. I was not the same father for the three. Experience brings peace. I’m happy to see my kids with theirs, it’s great” he stated in 2016. Thierry could not have dreamed of a better gift to take advantage of a happy retirement !

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