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In France there are many brands of breakfast cereals. Some of them are not good for health.

Cereals are very popular with children for breakfast or as a snack. But, did you know some of them were bad for the body? This is shown by a survey of 60 million consumers.

Cereals, the star of breakfast

It’s breakfast the most important meal of the day. After a good night’s sleep, the stomachs therefore need something to sustain themselves until the lunch break. Cereals can therefore be an ideal snack.

In France approx 30% of the French go to work every morning, without having taken the time to eat cereal or anything else. A very high percentage… Still, it is crucial to ask yourself why breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day.

Indeed, the ideal breakfast should therefore provide in between 20 and 25% of the total daily energy intake. The most efficient way to deliver glucose to our brain is by consuming carbohydrates.

The best thing to do consume so-called complex carbohydratessuch as those found in high-fiber foods such as oats and cereals, especially in children.

Indeed, they are the ones who go spend more during the day than anyone else. They must therefore be satiated in order to last well in the morning and to be focused at school.

If some children love sandwiches or spreads, others like cereal. The latter, present in various forms, have a very high sugar content.

Choosing the right breakfast for your kids

In the morning, some children will have a tendency to jump on cereal because the packaging is attractive and especially because it contains a lot of sugar. In fact, some brands have a calorie intake much higher than others.

Certain breakfast cereals that are very popular with the little ones would therefore not be not as healthy as one might think. They have a rich sweetening power, with a high glycemic index.

Some even contain hidden fats. This was observed by 60 million consumers by 2022. For this, the media compared dozens of cereal brands in France.

Among them are Kellogg’s Trésor and Frosties cereal. For them, these cereals, delicious as they are, Are “real caloric and glycemic bombs”specify our colleagues from Marie-France.

“For 30 grams of Frosties you have two sugar cubes and no fiberexplains Dr. Jimmy Mohammed in a TikTok video viewed thousands of times. So this finding has enough to alarm parents.

What are the least healthy grains?

In addition to a high sugar content, cereals from the Trésor brand also contain a large amount of fat. Therefore, they should be consumed, but in moderation.

To find out which cereal you like best for your child, you have to rely on the Nutri score. The latter, written on all cereal packages sold in the market, gives you indications.

For example, Trésor and Frosties breakfast cereals have a Nutri score D. While Honey Pops and Coco Pops for examplehave a Nutri-score C, which is already better.

As confirmed by Dr. Jimmy Mohammed, so this an impact on the quality of the breakfasts of your children. Even though this Nutri score is only an indication, it should therefore be taken into account for the well-being of your children.

Finally, regarding Honey Pops breakfast cerealknow that “for 30g of breakfast cereal you have a sugar cube, which is twice as much sugar as with other brands”, specifies the doctor on TikTok.

Finally, the Chocapic therefore also have a Nutri-score B. The best thing to do is to give preference to fiber-rich cereals, which have a strong satiety capacity. This prevents the 11 o’clock slump.

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