their ‘dream trip’ to devastated Paris

Another victim of the air transport strike movement in France talks about his misfortune. The cancellation of their flight with the airline easyJet ruined their holiday trip, which was planned for hundreds of euros.

A Scottish couple who were due to travel to the French capital Paris on Friday 10 March with their two children aged 6 and 7 have been disappointed at the last minute by the cancellation of their flight. Also, their company’s handling of the cancellation only made things worse.

According to the English newspaper Mirror, which reported on Saturday, March 18, the trip was part of a surprise for the birthday of one of Greig and Rachel’s children. The family had paid more than €2,000 for the trip.

The trip was part of a birthday surprise for one of Greig and Rachel’s children / By Yaroslav Astakhov / AdobeStock

“When the second flight was canceled we were all heartbroken”

On their arrival at Edinburgh airport to board for Paris-CDG, the family discover their easyJet flight had been canceled due to the strike movement that has been plaguing France for several days.

The family says they were not informed by the airline. The latter offered them another flight to Paris with a connection via Bristol airport. But just after they landed in Bristol, they learned that their connecting flight had also been canceled for the same reason.

Rachel says her children were in tears and had to sit on the airport floor for several hours. ” We told the kids they were going to Disneyland on Thursday night and filmed their reaction to keep a good memory ‘ she recalls with bitterness.

« When the second flight was canceled we were all heartbroken “, adds the mother of the family. Their two children’s dream quickly turned into a nightmare as they thought they would have fun at Disney, but ended up stranded at Bristol airport.

« There weren’t even chairs. All they had to eat was a Burger King. My daughter’s birthday was destroyed “, the passenger testifies again.

EasyJet apologizes and promises financial compensation

To rectify this, easyJet offered the family a flight on Monday 20 March but refused to change their scheduled return flight for Tuesday 21 March. This means that parents and children only have one day to spend in the French capital.

The cancellation of their flight with the airline easyJet ruined their holiday trip, planned for several days at a cost of hundreds of euros / By Studio Porto Sabbia / AdobeStock

This caused the parents to cancel their trip. At the time, the bill for the trip was over €2,200 with hotel accommodation. In addition, the family paid an amount of € 350 to return home.

EasyJet has agreed to reimburse return flights to Bristol and hotel accommodation, but not tickets to France. Disney, in turn, has offered to postpone the stay to a later date. ” We don’t expect them to refund us, but a date change would be ideal says the passenger.

Airline easyJet explained “ that due to a national strike in France, the French authorities have asked the airlines to cancel certain flights from their schedules ».

« We have contacted the family to apologize, reimburse their expenses and give them the compensation they owe. “, adds the company. But the moral damage done especially to children can hardly be compensated from the parents’ point of view.


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