The Voice – “That’s it, it’s manipulated, “It shouldn’t be allowed”, “But what the hell is he doing there?”: Internet users disagree with Xavier Polycarpe’s presence in the issue

This Saturday, March 18, 2023 in The Voice on TF1, a certain Xavier Polycarpe seduced all coaches. Problem: He already has a career of more than 15 years under his belt, and knows Vianney. Enough to get the twittos to cry viciously.

Season 12 of The Voice is in full swing on TF1. This Saturday, March 18, 2023, the first channel will broadcast a new episode of blind auditions. Amel Bent, Zazie, Vianney and also Bigflo and Oli were able to continue in the formation of their respective teams.

Last week, many tweeters felt that telehook leaned too much towards “pathos”. Their criticism particularly concerned the passage of Charles, a former candidate for Nouvelle Star paying homage to his deaf son on set, with his companion signing the lyrics to the song. While the coaches were thrilled to discover their story, internet users felt it took up too much space.

Last week, Timothée, a 27-year-old Parisian, explained that he had survived a serious car accident, and Hanna, 20, suffered from trichotillomania (a disease characterized by compulsive pulling out of hair and hair). But if internet users thought they were escaping the life’s tribulations of the candidates this week, they were wrong… At around 10 p.m., a young woman named Esmé entered the scene.

But prior to his performance, a presentation magnet revealed his biggest fight: that against Tourette’s syndrome, which mainly affects his eyes and his head. The one who has been harassed for a long time has chosen to perform Camille Lellouche’s song Don’t judge me and managed to convince Zazie despite technical weaknesses.

‘Not very fair game for others who dare’

Just after the passage of the Zuiderling, the atmosphere has changed considerably. Xavier Polycarpe came to play So lonely from the group Police. Dressed in a red jacket and a green scarf tied around his neck, the forties set fire to the set after a calm introduction to the piano. Unsurprisingly, all the coaches turned around. But one of them took a small leap into the past on this occasion… Vianney immediately recognized in Xavier one of the members of the Gush group, whom he likes and whom he had met before the start of her career.

As the candidate explained in the interview, Gush does indeed have its little fame. The members filled several Bataclan, Matthieu Chedid took them under his wing and Johnny Hallyday invited them to the Stade de France in 2012. Oli discovered the existence of such a career and reacted very spontaneously: suddenly there,” he said. Twitter, many agreed with him and felt that Xavier Polycarpe had no place in the competition.

The other coaches saw his presence much more positively. “We feel that you are a real stage man, and that is very nice,” says Amel. “I am touched and happy that you have taken this step, it takes humility!” Congratulated Vianney after being teased by the two coach brothers: “You will text him because you know each other very well.!”. To justify his approach, Xavier then explained that he wanted to start a solo career. “The Voice could be an opportunity to get in touch with that,” he said before opting against all odds to join BigFlo and Oli’s team.

On Twitter, some defended him, believing that the competition was open to all and that his desire to revive his career perfectly justified his presence.

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