The Girondins sofa makes the difference [Joueur par joueur Bordeaux-Nîmes]

The Girondins de Bordeaux had the good idea to beat Nîmes Olympique to remain second in Ligue 2 (1-0). The encounter was unpalatable until the 67th minute of play and the combined entries of Alexi Pitu and Logan Delaurier-Chaubet. Details.

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david script : He chooses a great 433 organization against the Nîmes block instead of a letter from the technical players and doubles the offensive position by associating Maja and Badji. He finally does it at 67′; Bordeaux goes from a blocked and tasteless match to a lively encounter of opportunity. The Girondins score through Maja and could have done that through Delaurier-Chaubet and also Badji.

Gaetan Poussin : He’s playing a very serious game tonight on his line with two saves or in his kicking game that was right in this game.

Malcolm Collect : generous, determined and defensively solid. He still has too many lost balls in his attacking game. He lost 22 balloons.

John Barbet : hesitations in the first period in his interventions, then he got ready to deliver a solid game. In his role as captain, it is always valuable to talk to the referee. He played on the left side to compensate for Nsimba’s rises.

Stan Gregersen : 118 balls touched in this part, it’s an impressive number. He also wins his 5 duels on the ground. He also manages 5 through passes, which he rarely achieves.

Vital building : He played very, very high up the field, like a true winger. 5 duels won and only 2 successful crosses out of 11 attempts. He was accurate in his transmissions of balls.

Tom Lacoux : he loses only two balls in this game and wins 3 duels. Replaced by Aliou Badji at 58′. The latter is only launched towards the opponent’s goal, but he is caught and injured in this action. He comes out with an injury.

My younger : shy of playing for 60 minutes, it gives the feeling of playing with the handbrake. After the tactical substitution and his replacement in the axis, he brings more hitting and wins a total of 9 duels in this match. Finally he delivers a decent performance.

Fransergio : he raises his arms as usual from the 22nd minute of play and asks his teammates to calm down the game. It is an incomprehensible attitude given the very low intensity of this first half. Nevertheless, he has two assists to his credit for Davitashvili and Bakwa, but neither player takes the opportunity. He leaves to the whistle of the stadium at 67′, replaced by Ignatenko. The latter ensures intensity and forward play.

Dylan Bakwa : many lost balls and bad choices for the young Bordeaux player (17). He shoots twice and misses the target. Replaced by Alexi Pitu. The Romanian player delivers 22 minutes of high quality. It is he who puts Maja at the center of the goal. He then provided 3 goalscoring chances for the Girondins with his precise and quick play up front. He confidently took the race on his own. He gets along very well with Delaurier-Chaubet.

Josh Maya : the gesture of the goal scorer, opportunistic and precise. He scored his 12th goal of the season, and it was decisive. A few minutes later he is close to the double, but his shot is deflected.

Davitashvili of Zuri : he fails to convert Fransergio’s excellent ball in the first half and collides with the goalkeeper. More technically accurate in his passes, he was inconclusive. Replaced by Delaurier-Chaubet at 67′. The latter stimulated the Girondins’ play and created a goal ball. He can only serve Badji in the back, but he prefers to hit. His shot is stopped by Maraval. A minute later he puts back in front of Badji, but a defender intervenes.

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