SERIES A – Zlatan Ibrahimovic becomes the oldest goalscorer in Italian championship history at 41

Swedish AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic became the oldest goalscorer in Serie A history on Saturday, at 41 years and 166 days, thanks to his goal against Udinese on the 27th day. . The Swedish giant, who was given a permanent contract for the first time since his left knee surgery last May, struck from the penalty spot in the 4th minute of extra time in the 1st period. Despite this performance, AC Milan lost 3-1 and risks losing 4th place in the Serie A standings on Sunday.

After missing his 1st try, the striker benefited from the leniency of the referee who ruled that Beto had entered the penalty area before the strike and awarded the penalty to withdraw. “Ibra” did not spoil this new offer.

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The record dates back to 2007

The Swede, wearing the armband, knocked the previous record held by ex-Italian defender Alessandro Costacurta off the shelves. The latter had scored a penalty in May 2007, also wearing the Rossonero jersey and also against Udinese, aged 41 years and 25 days.

Operated at the end of May, just after the Milan scudetto, Ibrahimovic, who had just been recalled to the squad, started his season on February 26 against Atalanta Bergamo (2-0) by coming into play in the last fifteen minutes.

He then came off the bench twice more until this first term, taking advantage of Olivier Giroud’s absence, suspended.

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