Ruined, Dominique Tapie testifies on TF1: “Bernard said they wanted his skin” and that when he died “they would leave me alone”

A year and a half after the death of businessman Bernard Tapie, his wife Dominique gave a rare testimony about TF1 in the program “Sept à deux”.

Now ruined, Dominique Tapie explained that she was being prosecuted for “a debt of 647 million euros”. “Bernard was concerned about leaving me in such a situation if he left,” she explained over the TF1 microphone. “He was waiting for another decision.”

“Sometimes I asked him what would happen when he was gone,” she says. “They want my skin, when I’m gone they’ll leave you alone,” Bernard Tapie would have said to his wife.

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And Dominique Tapie to say how much she suffered “from having to leave everything behind” because “every property we had was confiscated”. Today she says she lives “with a pension of 300 euros since I only worked for three years and Bernard’s only pension, that of a deputy”, which is estimated at about 600 euros.

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Dominique Tapie says she lives today thanks to the support of her friends, primarily Jean-Louis Borloo who moved her. “All my childhood friends are there and help me too”.

Facing these financial difficulties, Dominique Tapie explained that she resented her late husband during a time when she was “in this turmoil of moving with the auctioneers who came and lifted every object”. “I was lost,” she breathes. “But I made it up to him. It would have been too bad to stay mad at him.’

“He said to me, ‘They’ll leave you alone.

3/3 – Ruined, #DominiqueTapie, woman “in solidarity” with her husband, is being prosecuted for a debt of 647 million euros. She lives today thanks to the support of her friends, at the forefront of which is Jean-Louis Borloo who sheltered her.

— Seven to Eight (@7a8) March 19, 2023

Aggression, a fatal shock for Bernard Tapie?

Dominique Tapie also reflected in this interview on the aggression they were victims of, a few months before Bernard’s death. “It was a shock” that she says “marked a milestone in the deterioration of the health condition” of her husband who passed away on October 3, 2021.

“There was a before and an after this attack.”

2/3 – #DominiqueTapie looks back on the abuse a few months before her husband’s death. “A shock”, which marked “a milestone in the deterioration of the state of health” by Bernard Tapie.

— Seven to Eight (@7a8) March 19, 2023

“There was a before and after this attack. Before him, he had failed in his role as a protector”.

1/3 – In 52 years together, #DominiqueTapie has known glory, luxury and ruin. “Jealous”, “irresistible”, “tender and affectionate”: she talks about Bernard Tapie’s difficult character to live with, the love she had for him and her pride as a minister.

— Seven to Eight (@7a8) March 19, 2023

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