Quinté of Sunday, March 19, 2023 in Auteuil: the predictions

Find Dominique Cordier’s predictions for the fifth of Sunday, March 19, 2023 in Auteuil, the Prix Prédicateur. Departure at 3.15 pm 15 runners (the 5th Champagne Mystery is not a runner). Piggy bank of €500,000. hedges. Sticky soil. Incompetence. Specify breed. 3,900 meters. Horses 5 years and older.

The reference flight of this quinté was won by Sambrillon, who wears the number 2 here and who gets a logical penalty of nine pounds. I’m not sure that’s why he can repeat in such weight conditions.

Before his debut with Auteuil, the 4 Moujik came third in the same race and should improve this contact. So seeing him win is one of the possibilities, his training buddy, the 8 Six Oneplaced at his side an eternal.

After showing more than interesting resources at Auteuil in 2021, the 7 Muhtalad has grown up now and deserves to be followed for his big comeback on the Butte Mortemart. Although he was mainly seen over big jumps last year, he returned Dentor des Obeaux also has its place in our selection, its quality and suitability are certain.

The outsider of RTL, the 3 Norman hole, just finished not placed in the reference flight. In defense, the terrain wasn’t tough enough, he moved a bit short distance and couldn’t come back from behind. He will be better in this game where we need to put him ahead quickly.

The predictions:

4. Moujik
7. Muhtalad
8. Six One
16. Dentor des Obeaux
15. Spanish star
12. Rock and roll
3. Norman hole

The RTL outsider:

3. Norman hole

Results for Friday 17 March in Enghien-Soisy:

Admittedly, the RTL favorite did not contest the finish, but he never found the way. To absolutely remember for early April in Vincennes. The RTL outsider is 4th.

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