Pirates of the Caribbean 3: freeze frame at 24 minutes, and take a good look at this map

Back to “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, third part of the famous saga, and to a small detail that hardly anyone had seen on the nautical chart that Will Turner studied at the beginning of the film.

Like other famous popular culture franchises such as Star Wars, Matrix or Indiana Jones, the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, which began in the early 2000s by director Gore Verbinski, contains several minor references, particularly related to the Disney attraction it is based on. inspired.

Some Easter eggs — like the scene where Jack Sparrow tries to coax a marrowbone dog into breaking out of prison — will pop fans right in the eye, without them having to make any effort to see them. But others, like the ones we’re going to talk about here, are much harder to spot, or even downright impossible to find if you don’t know exactly where to look for them.

The hidden detail that will interest us today is at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, the third part of the saga released in 2007. To recognize it, you have to freeze the frame at 24 minutes and 16 seconds of the film, very precisely.

Walt Disney Photos

After an explosive passage on the Singapore side, Will Turner, Barbossa and their companions are now on their way to Davy Jones’ lair to find Jack Sparrow there, devoured by the sprawling Kraken at the end of the second film. Hoping to reach this legendary and secret place, Will consults a nautical chart he received from Sao Feng.

Just like the characters, you will have to study this document carefully to find the Easter egg!

To the right of your screen, in the sixth circle of the map, just next to Will Turner’s right hand, you will indeed be able to make out a very small silhouette of Mickey Mouse, facing a huge tiger. You may need to zoom in and/or increase your screen brightness to see better, but this is the famous Disney mascot.

Walt Disney Photos

As fans probably know, it’s not uncommon for the most famous mouse in the world to roam the studio’s productions. In many Disney animated films, you can recognize the three circles that make up his unforgettable face. For example, among the subjects of King Triton, in The Little Mermaid, on Fagin’s Watch, in Oliver and Company, or even on the Queen’s Necklace, in Rapunzel.

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