One Piece: Road Star, Mary Geoise and Luffy’s mother

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Gone star

The Straw Hats crew are now on Road Star Island, the island that must be reached in order to “access” the Old Kingdom. This is why the island is the “way of the star (Kingdom of the Sun)”.

Road Star Island is an island closely related to the Old Kingdom. Within the island itself hides a secret island. One person currently lives there, alone since his parents died years ago. He himself prefers to call Road Star Island “The Island of the Lone Star”. Before his father’s death, he shared with him a prophecy handed down long ago by their ancestors.

The prophecy announced the imminent arrival of a group of individuals. Thus, this boy has been waiting ever since for the fateful day when these individuals will finally arrive. The boy is finally introduced in the last plate of the chapter. He also has a “D.” in his name.

The boy reveals a series of ancient relics, as well as untold knowledge/information about the ancient Sun Kingdom.

The last time these relics and knowledge were shared with the outside world was by his father to Roger’s crew. Because without the knowledge of these relics, artifacts and knowledge “normal people/pirates” do not know what to do to reach the last island on which the kingdom of the sun once flourished – known today by the name Laugh Tale.

This is why Roger’s crew, when they set foot on Road Star Island, and armed with the knowledge passed down from the boy’s father, had to revise their itinerary considerably, to retrace certain routes and explore certain areas to visit again. This is why it is said that only by reaching this island will a person be truly informed, such as the history of the Poneglyphs, etc.

The boy from “D.” joins the Straw Hat team.

Robin and the world government

Background: Robin is captured by the world government and Luffy wants her back.

To retrieve Robin, Sanji jumped aboard the Pluto alone and sailed to the GM’s fleet ahead of the Straw Hats. The goal is to exchange Pluto for Robin. Pseudo Uranus is also with them at this time. Aboard Pluto, Robin is taken back to Sanji. However, to protect Pluto’s world, now in GM’s hands, and with Luffy’s permission, Sanji self-destructs Pluto, taking the pseudo Uranus with him. Sanji and Robin then escape to the Thousand Sunny thanks to Sanji’s moonwalk. (The metal sail/solar panel is already on board the Thousand Sunny).

Maria geoise

The Straw Hats crew are now heading back to the Red Line where Mary Geoise is currently stationed. This is also where the Lunarians lived.

In the past, a secret underground temple was built under Mary Geoise and within the walls of the Red Line. It is currently partly used by Im as a kind of prison where some people are kept. A sun priestess is currently being held there. Although the Sun Priestess is also a prisoner, she is allowed to roam freely in the few small spaces in which she is confined. Here she reveals a secret to Luffy’s crew.

The part of the Earth on which the Mary geoise currently sits is supported by a ceiling of ice. The only way to destroy this ice ceiling is to send out a concentrated beam of sunlight, and the underground temple has a hidden mechanism for doing this. The Priestess of the Sun is also the priestess of this underground temple, the Temple of the Sun.

The ray and the priestess

Author’s note: I do not know when, now or in the future, the mechanism for projecting the powerful sunbeam onto the ice ceiling below Mary Geoise will operate. I will write more when I have more information. My personal opinion is that it should be the same day that the Sun Priestess reveals the truth to Luffy.

Anyway, regardless of the date of this destruction, one thing is certain. The sun priestess will also die. Not because she was killed, but because her faith and her duty as a priestess of the Temple of the Sun mean that she will never leave the Temple, no matter what. If the temple collapses, it will collapse with it. (Spoiler: This scene will probably make you cry).
Another minor spoiler: in the future, Blackbeard will use the full awakening of his Yami Yami no Mi to block out the sun, temporarily rendering solar-powered weapons useless.

Luffy’s mother


(Short story: Nami sees that Luffy has been frowning for quite some time, knocks him off his feet and asks him what’s bothering him. It is then revealed that Luffy is sad that he isn’t (able to get Shanks’ straw hat back). when the time comes for them to meet. Nami grimaces and spends the afternoon making the straw hat from scratch, straw by straw.)

More than twenty years ago, Monkey D. Dragon left the far Eastern land to sail around the world. During one of his travels, Dragon meets a woman who is the daughter of a “Guardian”. The girl is actually a princess. Both fall in love, with a forbidden love. Soon after, a child was born. The Keeper, greatly annoyed, pursued Dragon and the Child to the far, far seas. The princess was locked up. Love is forbidden to it because it has a duty to perform which only it can perform. This is related to the priestess of the sun.

The Sun Priestess is the woman Dragon loves, and the biological mother of Monkey D. Luffy.
When Luffy and the Priestess broke up, there was a feeling between the two of them for that short time. Something that made the priestess smile as the temple collapsed on top of her. But at the same time something that brought a tear down Luffy’s cheeks.

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