“More than a tissue and a half has been removed from my chest,” she candidly confides about her health problems

Sharon Stone is currently on all fronts… When she’s not posing on the red carpet, she’s showcasing her artistic works in a Los Angeles gallery. Despite a very busy schedule, she still took the time to attend the evening that benefited the Women’s Cancer Research Fund, on March 16. During this charity evening, she took the floor to speak out on this matter that is very close to her heart… Through her speech, she spoke particularly frankly about her state of health.

Sharon Stone: “ please take my breasts”

Sharon Stone gave a very moving speech at this evening organized for cancer research. However, the 65-year-old actress did not shy away from humor. Indeed, she returned to her journey and explained that during a mammogram her doctors had noticed the presence of several tumors, some of which were more ” bigger than her chest“. “They were sure I couldn’t have this tumor without it being cancer‘ she confided.

As she confided a few months ago, it was actually a benign tumor. But before she was sure, she had to go through the operating box and was therefore prepared for all eventualities, including mastectomy. “If you’re operating on me and it’s cancer, please take my boobs because I’m not one to be defined by my boobsshe had asked her doctors, before joking:You know, it might sound weird of me because you’ve seen them all.” The actress therefore launched a message to encourage women to get tested. There is nothing light about these mammograms […] But I’m standing here to tell you that more than a handkerchief and a half was removed from my chest and none of you could see it.she explained.

Sharon Stone: “They gave me a 5% chance of survival“

The star of Basic instinct has had many health problems over the past two decades. In 2001 she suffered a stroke, after which a vertebral artery rupture was diagnosed. “They gave me a 5% chance of survival. I didn’t pay attention to myself. Sometimes the brain doesn’t work properly, and mine worked very badly.she then said in confidence. The actress faced a misdiagnosis about a possibletumor fibroids“At the level of the uterus. After speaking about the benign tumor discovered in her breast, the actress also had to deal with Covid-19.

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