Mighty Nein from Critical Role is moving to Prime Video

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Important rolethe popular ones Dungeons and Dragons actual game that raised $11 million dollars a few years ago to bring its first campaign to life will probably never have to resort to fundraising for fans again. Amazon Studios has announced a multi-year “exclusive overall television and first-look deal.” Important role, according to a press release.

While the adventurous party called Vox Machine was people’s first acquaintance with the artists of Important role, it was the Mighty Nein that many fans consider to be their favorite cast of characters. The story follows an unlikely group of villains (not the class, although Nott is also one) on their adventures in the world of Exandria. The new show will likely follow the arc with Calianna as the Nein try to find and destroy a dangerous, reality-warping artifact.

The video opens with Laura Bailey as Jester asking the group to “open their hearts to chaos”. What follows are sound bites of some of the group’s best lines as the camera pans across the tabletop ready for adventure. With minis of the Nein scattered throughout, the video ends with a shot of the adventurous party silhouetted against the monogram of the Mighty Nein.

Under the production banner, Metapigeon, Important role will continue to develop additional media ventures, such as television, movies and other content. No hints are given as to what this could be. The legend of Vox Machina was produced by Metapigeon. The new Mighty Nein series will begin production soon and premiere on Prime Video. In addition, Mees, the animation company behind it The legend of Vox Machina and those to parts of the Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise, will also continue to do the animation for this series.

The first three episodes of the second season of Important rolethe animated series The legend of Vox Machina are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. New episodes air every Friday.

This story has been updated with additional information about Mees animation studio.

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