Mi-Carême celebrated in video in Martinique

Carnival videos interrupted the day on Saturday (March 18, 2023). If the Mi-Lent likes to be celebrated in Guadeloupe, where this day is a public holiday, it was only this year in Martinique. A “tradition” claimed by some street orchestras.

Snare drum, chacha and bass drum reasoned on the coast of Fort-de-France on Saturday March 18, 2023. A carnival in the middle of Lent? It was very similar. It was the street orchestra “le groupe A” that issued the invitations for this “Mi-Carême edition”. Many have responded.

I like it, carnival is life.

Many participants in this carnival of Mid-Lent in Fort-de-France.

It’s just a break to revive and better resume.

Mi-Lent has always meant joy to me, because at home, in Guadeloupe, we celebrate this day.

Moments earlier, at around 5 a.m., the Krizz Band walking group had also pounded the pavement to the beat for a mid-Lent pajama party between Cluny and the heroic Vietnam Roundabout. The early hour probably limited the number of participants, only a few dozen.

After the Carnival period, that of Lent begins that runs until Saturday Gloria (April 9, 2023). But a glance at the calendar allows us to better understand this effervescence. Thursday, March 16, 2023 was the day of Mi-Lent.

In Guadeloupe, this date is a public holiday and Carnival parades are organized. In Martinique, things are completely different, as Mi-Carême is a normal day when everyone works.

Moreover, this break during Lent does not exist for Christians.

Christ spent 40 days in the wilderness and there was no rest in his trial.

Christian, interviewed by Stéphane Petit-Frère and Thierry Sokkan

The street orchestra “Group A” organized a Mi-Carême video in Fort-de-France.

However, the organizers of the event speak well of tradition.

Mi-Carême has always been an institution for Group A. We have been celebrating for 30 years. This day was celebrated in the days when Saint-Pierre was the capital. After the eruption, it had stopped despite certain tendencies. We thought why not bring it back to life? We do carnival with friends. We woke people up, we had a video in our pajamas with a tinain lanmori for breakfast. Really family atmosphere. It is the first time that we organize in the city center. We had some doubts, but the mayonnaise seems to have taken. It can be a date to mark in our calendar to return to our traditions.

“Mèt twel” Patrick, member of group A

Lent has yet to resume his duties. The next feast is Saturday Gloria, where the danmyé and bèlè drum takes pride of place, which is reborn after the period of abstinence from joy.

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