Meghan and Harry passed by all over Hollywood… Even this mighty star is stepping back!

Has the time of disillusionment between Hollywood and Meghan and Harry come? Where the couple still had many supporters behind them a few years ago after they had made the choice to leave the monarchy, the tide now seems to be turning. One by one, the people they could count on prefer to distance themselves. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were conspicuously absent from Elton John’s charity dinner on Oscar night. It is possible that the singer, who is close to Harry and the royal family, did not send them an invitation. But he’s not the only one coming into contact now.

Oprah Winfrey, the pope of American interviews who presided over the shock interview of Meghan and Harry during her second pregnancy, has clearly decided to put aside her friendship for the couple. On the CBS set, the journalist was interviewed about the presence of the parents of Archie and Lilibet (3 years and 1 year) at the coronation of King Charles III on May 6. Dudes, Meghan and Harry haven’t replied yet. When asked about the topic, Oprah Winfrey replied as distantly as possible: “I think they should do what they think is best for themselves and their family. That’s what I think. This is the ultimate goal. They have to ask themselves: ‘What is the best choice for us?’

Is Oprah Winfrey feeling the pull of Meghan and Harry relapsing to take so many tweezers around? She, who was invited and even attended their wedding on May 19, 2018, naturally did not want to take any more risks. When even their most loyal friend turns their backs, we don’t care much for the skin of the Sussexes across the Atlantic.

Meghan and Harry, persona non grata in the UK

To be unleashed from all sides, Meghan and Harry will eventually find themselves completely solo with their toddlers. The spouses have already drawn a line under Frogmore Cottage, the residence granted to them by the royal family during their British stay. A choice made by King Charles following the publication of his son Prince Harry’s explosive memoirs.

Recently, it was their absence from the mythical evening organized by Elton John in aid of the fight against AIDS that raised questions. Very friends with the singer, Meghan and Harry, however, did not participate. Royal expert Tom Bower drew only one conclusion: that the couple had not received their invitation. These slights added to Meghan and Harry taking a backseat if they decide to attend the coronation set the tone for the situation: things could turn sour.

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