Mallaury Nataf lost custody of his 3 children, brutal confessions: “I don’t agree with what has become of them”

Interviewed by journalists from Parisian in 2019, Mallaury Nataf had made sad revelations about his children: Rafael born in 1998, Angeline born in 2001 and Shiloh born in July 2009 (fruit of her union with Éric Gabay, her third husband, ex-director of Europe 1). After experiencing a particularly precarious situation and even becoming homeless, the former star of the series Honey and bees had lost custody of his children. She stayed positive anyway”still a small hope to find ShilohOn the other hand, she didn’t think about reconnecting with her two eldest: “I don’t want to talk about it too much, but I won’t see my two eldest anymore (…) I don’t agree with the education they received for six and a half years, with what they have become, and there I I make no concessions“.

As a reminder, the actress had in 2012 called on the help of the Parisian and explained that his children had been taken from him by child protective services to be placed with their respective fathers. A year later, the same newspaper had revealed in an article that on October 7, 2012, the actress was found sleeping on the street with her son Shiloh, then 3 years old. His custody was subsequently revoked again and the little boy was this time placed with child welfare services.

I lost my innocence

In 2019, Mallaury Nataf finally returned to television after thirteen years of absence from the series. The mysteries of love. She played the role of Lola Garnier. Interviewed by Here is, she confided that despite everything, she was still in a very precarious situation. “I’m not the same person anymore. And along the way I lost things. I lost my innocence. Which is very serious. I was the open-hearted girl of the group, spontaneous and cheerful. But I became unbeatable, but not for my greatest pleasure‘ she indicated.

Finally a former candidate out in January 2022 Beijing Express had broadcast images of the actress on the street. We hope that Mallaury Nataf has since recovered and found a more stable situation.

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