Luana Belmondo: Her husband Paul is crazy about her, a decisive member of the Delon family in their love story

Messages, the Italian has received enough! Among them that of a very dear friend to whom she owes all her love affair with Paul. Without him, love at first sight might never have happened and this dear friend didn’t remember it in the birthday message he sent to Luana Belmondo on Instagram.

This oh so important person is none other than Anthony Delon! The 58-year-old comedian who just announced that he would write a new book posted the following message on his Instagram Story: “He’s lucky little Bebel. I don’t think he thanked me enough in the end.” “You are right our Cupid, this ungrateful man @PaulBelmondo”, Luana Belmondo responded by republishing Anthony Delon’s post in her story (see slideshow).

Because maybe you didn’t know it, but it was thanks to Lou and Liv’s father that Luana and Paul Belmondo met. An important event on which the couple returned to the show in the course of the year 2021 50′ inside, on TF1. “We met in Paris. Me, I came to do modeling when I was 19 and I lived with other girls, I remembered the famous chef. And one of the girls was in a relationship with Anthony DelonLuana Belmondo recalled at the time.Anthony Delon was our Cupid, he introduced us and that was it‘ she then added.

After this meeting that caused sparks, Luana and Paul Belmondo got married in 2010. They started a family consisting of three boys: Alessandro (31 years old), Victor (29 years old) and Giacomo (24 years old). The family grew a few months ago with the birth of a first grandchild, a boy named Mahé, the son of the eldest of the siblings, Alessandro.

Luana Belmondo is therefore a more than fulfilled woman!

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