Kelly Vedovelli changes her life: she reveals her new apartment “too beautiful”, the reasons for this move

Since I joined the team of columnists at Do not touch My TV in 2017 Kelly Vedovelli lives a mile an hour. Although financially independent and always very busy professionally, the young woman never learned to live alone. A situation that she is about to remedy … Indeed, on her Instagram account she revealed this Saturday, March 18, 2023 that she was moving.

It’s with the help of some of her friends that Kelly Vedovelli invested in her new apartment this weekend. Located in the heart of Paris, her new little (big) cocoon is currently still filled with boxes, as the beautiful blonde has not yet taken the time to unpack and put away all her things. But in private, many of her subscribers wonder why the young woman decided to change her place of life. In an Instagram story, the one who recently endured the wrath of Laeticia Hallyday explained herself. Kelly Vedovelli, so far in housemate, has decided to turn the page to let her best friend live fully. “After three years with single friends, going on crazy adventures at a thousand miles an hour, we say goodbye to Maya because she has found love. Each in his own way. It’s up to me to find mine…‘ she explained in writing.

The fear of loneliness

Yet the sublime blonde, who underwent surgery a few weeks ago, never learned to live alone. It is therefore a real mission that will be announced for her in the coming months. Although she is determined, she cannot hide her little concern from her loyal fans. “At 32, it’s time to learn (to love) alone (for now)‘ she added at the end.

In her stories posted yesterday, Kelly Vedovelli also revealed some images of her new apartment. The latter, typically Parisian, has a light-colored parquet floor and a sublime antique fireplace. At the moment everything is still empty, but there is no doubt that Cyril Hanouna’s columnist will be able to decorate this place in her image and turn it into a real little corner of paradise.

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