Kate Middleton, risky family photo: intimate photo with George, Charlotte and Louis … the princess in the spotlight

The quartet climbed the trees and took all the risks to immortalize this moment full of love and tenderness that did not fail to make people react: “It’s called a family tree,” “Happy Mother’s Day to you Kate. Just look at this picture to know that you are a wonderful and devoted mother”, “A modern mother with traditional values”, “Charming picture of a model mother.“The snapshot isn’t recent, however, as it’s from the series of photos the Cambridges used for their end-of-year greeting card. This doesn’t diminish the charm of this attention from the couple to their fans. .

Kids, priorities of Kate and William

Despite their status as crowned heads and the obligations that come with it, Kate Middleton and Prince William have always shown great dedication and involvement in the education of their three children. Whether through school, physical activity or openness to the world, the Cambridges are committed to transmitting the values ​​of tolerance, love, generosity and altruism that they display in each of their royal visits.

This transfer is very important as George, Charlotte and Louis are next in line to the throne. Kate and William therefore know that they have every interest in making them model children, even if some sometimes deviate from good behavior in the image of Louis on Queen Elizabeth II’s last jubilee. Be that as it may, the little family knows how to keep it simple, one of its best assets that makes its members great darlings of the public.

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