Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills) shares her difficulties coping with Luke Perry’s grief

Four years after Luke Perry’s death, the pain is still raw for his girlfriend Jennie Garth, with whom he starred in the cult series Beverly Hills 90210.

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March 4, 2019 is a date that hardcore fans love Beverly Hills 90210 will never forget. While I was in California filming episodes of the series River valley, Luke Perry is rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank after suffering a stroke at his home in Sherman Oaks. Despite the intervention of rescue teams and his hospitalization, the American actor died at the age of 52, surrounded by his two children, his fiancée and other members of his family. The unforgettable Dylan McKay left his comrades in the series Beverly Hills 90210whose reboot is now available on MyTF1.

Still sharp pain

As the stars of the cult series prepare to reunite for a panel in Connecticut this weekend, Jennie Garth gave an exclusive interview to the magazine People. This was an opportunity for Peter Facinelli’s ex-wife to discuss how she struggled to manage her boyfriend Luke Perry’s grief. “Losing and dealing with Luke, it’s never easy and it never will get easier“, she indicated and then specified that the fact of animating the podcast 90210MG, which looks backstage at Beverly Hills, constantly reminds him of the memory of his missing friend. “I see him every week. I see pictures of us all the time. I even have a photo in my jacket“. And to add: “When the cast [de Beverly Hills 90210] come together, we have this thing in common. We all loved him so much that there is a kind of bond between us (…) When we are all together, it is enough to put a chair there because he is in it, although he is no longer there“.

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I still find it hard to accept…

This isn’t the first time Jennie Garth has spoken out about the sudden loss of her friend. As she talked about Dylan McKay’s arrival in the series Beverly Hills 90210, the 50-year-old actress struggled to hide her emotion. “It’s hard for us to talk about Luke in public because it’s still hard for us to talk about him in private. It still doesn’t feel real. It’s really very difficult. I still find it hard to acceptshe stated in an unreleased episode of her podcast 90210MG which she hosts with Tori Spelling.We loved him so much… I don’t think any of us ever thought there would come a time when one of us would be gone… And now we feel this great void“, confided Donna Martin’s interpreter.

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