Jean-Pierre Pernaut: Rare appearance of his first wife Dominique and their daughter Julia, surrounded by the whole family

We often forget, but Jean-Pierre Pernaut had four children: Julia (born 1978) and Olivier (born 1981), from a first marriage to a woman named Dominique Bonnet, but also Lou (born 2002) and Tom ( born in 2003) about his relationship with Nathalie Marquay. If there is no animosity between the two clans, they are not very close… However, this Saturday, March 18, 2023, they all gathered to pay a new tribute to the journalist, who died of lung cancer on March 2, 2022 .

It is in the town of Amiens, where Jean-Pierre Pernaut came from, that Nathalie Marquay, Dominique Bonnet, Julia, Olivier, Lou and Tom Pernaut met exceptionally. The reason ? Opening of the tourist office of the city, named Jean-Pierre Pernaut. “This time it’s official: the Tourist Office bears the name of Jean-Pierre Pernaut! A big thank you to his large family who came for this event, as well as everyone who came to honor him.” wrote Paul-Eric Dècle, Vice President of Amiens Métropole, on his Instagram account. In the series of photos posted, we can see all the members of Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s family, including the discreet Julia, his eldest daughter, as as well as his first wife Dominique, all with a radiant smile, testifying to the happiness they experience in honoring their father or ex-husband.

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