in the face of an endless economic crisis, the desperation of the population


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M. Boisseau, L. Krikorian, B. Mingot, A. Tranchant – France 2

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The Lebanese have been facing a violent economic crisis for several years now. Hunger affects much of the country. Plunged into despair, many of them decide to leave their country, but often fail to do so.

To understand the magnitude of the Lebanese economic disaster, one has to listen to the desperation of the inhabitants. Never before had it gone so deep, not even during the long years of war that plagued the country between 1975 and 1990. At the age of 26, Ibrahim lives on less than 30 euros a month, despite his job as a boat driver. Last spring he tried to reach Italy illegally with five family members. “My mother told me that if we had the chance to leave, we would. She heard that at least in every country in Europe we would be considered human beings”he explains.

Without money or passport

With no money or a passport to get a visa, the family boarded an overcrowded boat. She sank, Ibrahim said, when the Lebanese coast guard tried to stop her. His two sisters have since disappeared. But Ibrahim is determined to leave to escape poverty.

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