‘I just lost half my money’: Actress Sharon Stone fell victim to a bank failure

Actress Sharon Stone revealed on March 16, 2023 that she had lost half of her estimated $50 million fortune after banking problems. A few days ago, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank went bankrupt.

“And yet here I am”. Revealing the loss of almost 25 million dollars, actress Sharon Stone spoke at a charity event for the cancer is you hosted by the Women’s Cancer Research Fund on March 16. If she did not directly quote the recent bankruptcies of American banks, she called ‘this banking industry’ the cause of this loss.

Speech marked by tears

The 65-year-old star made the statement at a breast cancer charity event. She mourned her loss and said she was “still there”. Call to make down for the fight against this disease, she added that it was “not an easy time”.

Rewarded in the evening for her actions against this pathology, she returned tribute to his brother, Patrick Stone, passed away at the age of 57. “There are a lot of things I can’t do, but I can write a check,” she finished.

Sharon Stone breaks down in tears and asks guests to donate more money. She says writing a check for her takes courage, as she “lost half my money to this banking business,” presumably referring to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. “This is not an easy time for any of us.” pic.twitter.com/ZTSP5TQ2od

— Chris Gardner (@chrissgardner) March 17, 2023

Several banks in trouble

A few days ago, the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank were announced, raising fears of a banking crisis. Crédit Suisse subsequently fell victim to the market turmoil caused by the collapse of these US banks, forcing it to rely on funding from the Swiss central bank amounting to $54 billion.

Swiss regulators are eager to present a solution for Credit Suisse’s future before markets reopen on Monday, but the complexity of the merger of the two giants could extend talks into Sunday, Reuters added.

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