here are the deadlines for claiming the fuel bonus, the energy check and MaPrimeRénov’

With inflation raging for several months now, the government has released a range support to support purchasing power the French. In all areas of consumption, if you meet the allocation criteria, you can get a boost. But beware, there is one calendar to take advantage of certain resources. In fact, you have to submit your application for some time terms. Don’t panic, we reveal the dates!

Find out all about the help you can get in this difficult context

You see it every day: prices are exploding everywhere. The state thus balances aid in all sectors. For example, he helps the French with the fuel bonus, energy check or MaPrimeRénov‘. But don’t miss the application deadlines. Here’s the list below.

Fuel bonus: a boost of 100 euros

As you know, the reduction at the pump stopped at the end of December 2022. To replace it, the government has proposed a fuel allowance in the amount of 100 euros since January 16. It is intended for precarious households who are forced to take the car to go to work.

Please note, you must make your request for help before March 31. To do this, go to the official tax website and provide the information necessary to benefit from this support.

MaPrimeRénov’ to finance your energy projects

Then there are also worrying issues in the aid provided by the government energy renovation works. This is where MaPrimeRénov’ comes into play. If you want to improve your home in terms of energy, you can take advantage of this device.

It concerns the work insulation, heating, ventilation or in connection with renewable energy sources. Please note that you must complete your file by the expected date of your work. In fact, you’ll have to count six months between acceptance of the quote and completion of the work.

Fuel and wood vouchers help you pay for your heating costs

You don’t have to do anything for the basic energy check. Indeed, for that you just have to declare your taxes and that will be you sent automatically. Your salary must be between 10,800 euros and 17,400 euros to benefit from a boost of 100 euros.

But in the list of available tools there is also the fuel energy check who, he must apply before March 31. To obtain it, you must send an invoice with your name to indicate your consumption. Please note that you must always provide your full name, as well as your tax reference number, as well as your telephone number.

It amounts to 100 euros or 200 euros, depending on your personal situation. Again, everything will depend on your means and there is a threshold that should not be crossed.

About the wooden checkis the deadline for submitting the application set on April 30. As with the fuel check, you must provide the necessary information on the dedicated platform. On the way to your help questions if it’s not ready yet!

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