Georgina, Ronaldo’s girlfriend, reveals a terrible secret


In the reality TV show “I am Georgina”, on Netflix, Ronaldo’s girlfriend reveals that she had three miscarriages.

According to the site El Espanol, Georgina, 29, Ronaldo’s girlfriend, reveals in the Netflix show dedicated to him that she suffered three miscarriages before her newborn baby Angel died. A sequence of dramas summoned by Georgina Rodriguez in the first episode of season 2 of “I am Georgina”.

“I was very scared with every ultrasound [avant la naissance de ses jumeaux]. I felt very tense because I had already had three miscarriages and came home in pieces,” she explains, according to the Spanish-language site. Anxiety that was finally confirmed in the worst possible way: in April 2022, Cristiano Ronaldo’s companion gave birth to a little Bella Esmeralda, but her twin brother, Angel, did not survive. A tragedy that the footballer described as “the worst moment of (his) life with the death of (his) father”.

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Also on Netflix, Georgina confides that she was unable to immediately reveal the child’s death to her other children, preferring instead to make up a touching fable for them: “Since I had another belly, I made them believe that Angel was not would be born only later, after his sister.” In the end, it was Ronaldo who finally told them that their little brother was “in heaven”.

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Georgina is full of praise for her companion

Georgina is full of praise for her companion, a real rock she could build on: “Cris really encouraged me to move on. He said to me, “Gio, get back on track with your life, it will do you good. From now on,” she concludes, “my priority is my family and my children. I am so happy and thankful…” A family now living in Saudi Arabia since CR7 joined the Al-Nassr club.

The first episode of season 2 of “I am Georgina” will be available on Netflix on March 24.

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