Freebox subscribers flock to fiber, over 31 million French eligible for free offers

No less than 8,000 new municipalities that qualify for free fiber and 5.8 million new connectable sockets in 12 months. Ahead of his objectives, Free follows his strategy.

Free fiber adoption remained very dynamic in 2022 with 885,000 new subscribers i.e. nearly 4.66 million Freeboxes on the market by the end of 2022, representing 65% of the operator’s fixed base. With the publication of its annual results on March 16, the ISP announced that its FTTH offers are available to 31.3 million households in France, including 6.6 million households in very densely populated areas and 24.6 million households in moderately and sparsely populated areas in more than 22,000 municipalities covered (+ 8,000), ie a gain of 5.8 million sockets in 12 months.

Free indicates on its website that it is particularly present on 70 networks of public initiatives. This year it launched its fiber offers on several of them, such as that of Alliance THD operated by Orange in Lot, Aveyron and Lozère, and Loiret Fiber, XP Fiber’s Lysséo network.

Optical fiber, a tool of commercial conquest since 2018, has enabled the operator to strengthen its status as the leading alternative operator behind Orange, in particular thanks to the expansion of deployments throughout the territory and its investments together with the local authorities. The main objectives of its Odyssey 2024 plan have already been achieved, as the ISP targeted 4.5 million fiber subscribers and 30 million connectable outlets by 2024. Next step, be present throughout the territory and in particular in all RIPs where the market share is currently low.

This article is from the Univers FreeBox website

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