Foot PSG – Antonio Conte dynamizes Tottenham, alert to PSG!

Author of an incredible bloodbath on Saturday night following Tottenham’s draw against Southampton, Antonio Conte is not far from throwing it all away at Spurs. The Italian coach, who has been mentioned as one of Christophe Galtier’s possible successors, could be a difficult choice for Qatar.

Antonio Conte has a reputation as a technician who doesn’t miss anything in his dressing room, even if that sometimes means quickly alienating something from him. But we will not change the Italian coach, and those who doubted it had to face the facts on Saturday after the draw (3-3) by the Spurs at the red lantern after leading 3-1 until the 77th minute. Even though Tottenham are still fourth in the Premier League but under threat from Newcastle, Antonio Conte did not appreciate his team’s behavior at all and he quickly drew. Everyone took his rank, even to the point of the UK media wondering how long he will stay at his post after such a freakout.

Faced with the media, the one who has already left Juventus and Inter over a disagreement with their leaders struck hard. “ Here they don’t want to play under pressure, that’s too easy. This is the story of Tottenham! The owner (Daniel Levy) has been there for 20 years and they have never won anything. We showed once again that we are not a team, we are only eleven players on the field. I see selfish players, I see players who don’t want to help each other, who don’t have a heart for it. The club pays us and it costs a lot of money, the players get money and so do I. This is the first time in my career that I see a situation like this. I am really angry and everyone has to take responsibility, not just the club, the coach and the staff. The players are involved in this situation and it is time to change this situation if Tottenham wants to change. If the club wants to continue in this direction, they can change coaches again and again, but the situation will not change. Believe me ! “In particular, launched Antonio Conte to stunned journalists, the coach began a long 10-minute diatribe before snapping at his heels. And inevitably, 24 hours later, the Italian manager’s future seems threatened at Spurs.

PSG ready to strike, Antonio Conte will be free

For Sun, not only is it now certain that Daniel Levy will not make any offer to renew Antonio Conte, who is due to join at the end of June next year, but the current manager may well jump in sooner than he expected. so Tottenham must qualify for the next Champions League, which is not certain. And in this context, the name of Paris Saint-Germain is already on the other side of the Channel, with Conte mentioned several times in the past as a possible coach of the champions of France without this becoming reality. Because if some criticize Christophe Galtier for being too fan of his stars, Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s signing of Antonio Conte next summer would be a completely opposite choice, as the former Italian footballer is known for being ruthless with his players. Could Qatar launch this new bet? Answer in a few weeks, but it is clear that when Antonio Conte arrives in Ligue 1, the wind will blow hard at Camp des Loges.

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