Construction is complete, Amazon ultimately does not settle in Calais

Yes, it’s an American giant that doesn’t do local businesses any favors. But it is also a job generator and if we announce in 2021 that Amazon is coming to Calais by creating 80 direct and 200 indirect jobs, it will inevitably spark interest. Unfortunately for those involved, the project ultimately failed, according to our colleagues from Nord Littoral. The building came out of the ground, in the Turquerie area, but Amazon ultimately chose not to operate it.

« Amazon plans its new logistics sites years in advance and we regularly evaluate our network needs, officially justifies by mail the company. Site launch dates can be influenced by many factors, including optimizing the use of existing sites. Over the phone, Amazon informs us that its projects “ very long to develop “. In concrete terms, between the moment when the company noted that there was interest in establishing itself on the coast and today it reviewed its logistical needs. And to specify that of the more than 35 centers in France, 8 are large sorting centers, dedicated of storage and preparation (including 3 in Hauts-de-France). There are also some ” delivery agencies » proximity, smaller, such as those opened in the north in Sainghin-en-Mélantois (2019) or Avion (2022). This is what would open Calais.

“No impact on customers”

What will become of the building? Amazon praises it and plans to continue. He is going to sublet it to a logistics company (the announcement is recent, no candidate has come forward yet). If he continues to rent it, is it with the idea of ​​kicking back and settling in Calais in the future? Our interlocutor could not answer this question by telephone. ” There is no impact on customers in the region who will continue to enjoy fast and reliable delivery “, further assures the direction.

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