CCSD says a person at Las Vegas Elementary School was diagnosed with tuberculosis

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Clark County School District confirmed to FOX5 that a person at a Las Vegas elementary school was recently diagnosed with active pulmonary tuberculosis (TB).

According to a letter sent to parents Tuesday by Helen Jydstrup Elementary principal Christina M. Miani, “The Southern Nevada Health District is working with the school to discuss potential student health concerns and to develop a testing plan” for those who may be have entered close contact with the person.

It was not immediately clear what the relationship of the infected person to the school is, whether it is a parent, staff member or student.

According to the letter, SNHD advises the school “that students who may be at risk for infection are those who have come into close personal contact with this individual over a period of time.”

The letter states that SNHD says “students other than those in the above circumstances are not considered at risk.”

The letter notes that tuberculosis is a “bacterial disease that can be transmitted between individuals who are in close, repeated contact by breathing the same air over a period of time. Tuberculosis is not transmitted through touching or handling objects.”

Miani’s letter stated that additional notices would be sent to those who meet the testing criteria.

In the letter, the school reminds that a tuberculin test is mandatory and required by law, according to NRS 44IA.365. According to the letter, tests for students and teachers will begin on Thursday.

The school says parents will be given the option to take their student to Quest Laboratories for testing free of charge.

“Follow-up TB testing will begin the week of March 20 and reminders will be sent closer to that date,” the letter said.

The Southern Nevada Health District has provided the statement below:

“The Southern Nevada Health District is conducting a TB study involving students, staff and faculty. The health district is working closely to identify individuals who need to be tested and to provide them with additional information and resources as needed. TB continues to be a public health concern here and across the country, and the Health District is conducting proactive research to identify and treat people with latent TB infection or active TB disease when identified in Clark County.”

A full copy of the letter to parents can be read below:

Parent letter from Helen Jydstrup Elementary
Parent letter from Helen Jydstrup Elementary(Clark County School District)

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