Auchan in the crosshairs of UFC-Que Choisir after raising then freezing prices


Auchan’s anti-inflation basket has been singled out by UFC-Que Choisir, which accuses the major distributor of having previously raised the prices of the affected products

This is one of the band-aid solutions to help the French in this period of price explosion: the anti-inflation basket, launched on March 15, which is part of the government-designed “anti-inflation quarter”. Specifically, some supermarkets offer products at block prices. The promises vary by brand: 150 products at cost price at Système U, 200 at Carrefour, 500 at Intermarché, etc.

UFC-Que Choisir reviewed the contents of these anti-inflation baskets and pointed to those offered by Auchan. The association therefore believes that this basket, marked with the “anti-inflation quarter” logo, does not deserve this award. “We looked at 100 of the 151 food and hygiene products promoted by the retailer as part of the fight against inflation. Obviously the distributor dropped a few price increases before blocking them…” explains UFC-Que Choisir.

+2% on March

According to the association, before the introduction of the anti-inflation basket, the products experienced a price increase of 2%, an increase that even reaches 22% if we compare it with the month of March 2022. more than the inflation on consumer products – which, according to our calculation, is still 18.7% over 1 year,” adds UFC-Que Choisir.

The association also detailed the contents of the basket, noting that only Auchan-branded products are included – a strategy adopted by all distributors – “which inevitably limits consumer choice”. While there are many cookies, cakes and cereals, there are only two types of pasta and no rice in the selection. Meat, vegetables and fruits are missing from the basket, unlike prepared meals that are present in large numbers. UFC-Que Choisir also points out that while no milk is offered, the basket contains soda and whiskey.

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