Archie and Lilibet at the heart of the coronation? The king was ready to change the entire organization to see his grandchildren again

The coronation of King Charles III is fast approaching. We know the place, the date, the guests are more or less on the list, but a mystery about the event lingers: will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry come? Despite all the attacks they launched against the royal family with the support of documentaries and literature, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were personally invited to the event by the King. The Sovereign has put aside grudges and quarrels to fully enjoy the historic day that awaits him, one that has not happened since 1953.

At this time, a spokesperson for Meghan and Harry has confirmed that they have received an invite, but their presence has not yet been confirmed. In addition, due to their young age, children (Archie will be 4 years old on the day of the coronation and Lilibet, almost 2 years old) would not be admitted. What discourages parents after the family’s promise of an icy welcome to them.

But things can take a different turn. According to the Daily mail, sources say that depending on Meghan and Harry’s reaction, the kids could play their part in the ceremony. Or at least a favorite place unlike their parents. In any case, Charles is willing to discuss whether this was one of the conditions of seeing his grandchildren that he barely met.

George, Charlotte and Louis by her side

For the king, grandpa pie, if the kids of Kate Middleton and Prince William are entitled to their moment of glory, there’s no reason for the Sussex kids to be withheld. Therefore, in case of a last-minute reaction, Charles III scheduled two practice plans: one without Meghan and Harry, the other with. If the Sussexes changed their minds at the last minute, the impact on the event would be minimal.

What is certain is that if Charles invited them, it is neither a guarantee of reconciliation nor a symbol of peace. Scorched by the revelations of his son and daughter-in-law since their departure from the monarchy, Camilla Parker-Bowles’ husband has lost his temper. Frogmore Cottage, the place where they used to put their suitcases, was taken from them. And unlike Kate, William, the King and Queen, as well as the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, Edward and Sophie, they will not have a place in the motorcade after the ceremony as revealed. The times, while Kate and Willim’s three children (George, Charlotte and Louis) will be in attendance. Unless Charles, out of love for his grandchildren, decides to change his mind…

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