All about the Fiat 500, the car that arrives in Algeria

While the first batches of the Fiat 500 arrived in Algeria a week ago, this mythical car from the Turin-based manufacturer will be unveiled in Algiers on Sunday, March 19, on the occasion of the official launch of the Italian brand’s dealership activities.

However, this highly anticipated model, symbol of the Italian brand, is not the most present on Algerian roads, especially in a context of strong vehicle price tensions.

On Sunday, January 12, a total of 123 Fiat 500 cars were unloaded at the port of Mostaganem, Fiat Algeria thus imported the first wave of cars from the Italian brand.e intended for marketing.

Fiat Algeria is one of the first three car dealerships to be licensed to import and distribute cars in Algeria.

Designed in the 1930s, under the influence of dictator Mussolini, who wanted to launch a popular family car, the Fiat 500 is almost a legend in Italy. Over the years and the different models, it has become the symbol of the Italian automotive industry. The latest model, called Fiat 500e is a 100% electric small city car that will be launched on the market from September 2020.

The Fiat 500 regularly tops the ranking of best-selling city cars in Europe. The 500 continues to impress with its iconic design, advanced technology and wide choice of engines, including electric, hybrid and turbo petrol.

This small car (3546 mm long, 1627 mm wide and 1488 mm high) is designed for city trips and is often regarded as an economical, practical and elegant car. The power of the engine is 70 hp.

Fiat Algeria: official launch of activities

In particular, the upgraded model of the Fiat 500 arriving in Algeria adds a panoramic roof, an instrument screen, automatic headlights and wipers, automatic air conditioning, cruise control, seat upholstery ” premium ».

Fiat 500 has other versions suitable for travel and families, such as the Fiat 500 X and 500 XL.

For potential buyers, the estimated price of the vehicle is around 15,000 euros, or around 2.1 million Algerian dinars when referring to the official exchange rate, excluding taxes.

This model, which is not yet very popular in Algeria, will undoubtedly become so, thanks in particular to the construction of a car factory for the Italian brand Fiat in Oran.

In addition to the 500, the Fiat Panda and Tipo will also be present, more famous models and more likely adapted to the specificities of the Algerian market, in particular thanks to their endurance, their family size and their more classic design.

The official launch of the activities of Fiat Algeria, official representative of the Italian brand in Algeria, will take place on Sunday, March 19, which marks the official resumption of new vehicle import activities in Algeria.

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