Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahousse: the journalist’s “painful” divorce before the formalization with the actress

Laurent Delahousse was married for many years to journalist Florence Kieffer with whom he had two daughters: Liv-Helen and Sacha born in 2005 and 2008. As he started to become an influential person on the small screen, the journalist fell in love with Alice Taglioni during an interview in 2012 on France 2. Come and promote her film Paris-Manhattan, the actress and the presenter fell in love instantly. From that moment on, Laurent Delahousse began to think about a divorce from his wife. He first befriended Alice Taglioni and soon suspects real feelings are developing between them. A story he doesn’t want to let go of and will fight for, even if it means alienating his family.

The separation is painful and we suspect it wasn’t easy to announce on the Amiens side [d’où vient le présentateur], where these things are not done. Even if, matter of discretion, sweet Alice doesn’t indulge in her new in-laws.said the JDD. After a divorce pronounced in 2013, Laurent Delahousse formalizes with Alice Taglioni in 2014. Since then, the journalist has become the father of Swann born February 7, 2016 and Lino born December 2019.

The absolute center of my entire life

For her part, Alice Taglioni had a little boy, Charlie (born March 18, 2009), whose father is actor Jocelyn Quivrin, who died tragically in a car accident in 2009. He was only 30 years old. Alice Taglioni therefore had to go through her first pregnancy alone without a buddy by her side. But she persisted out of love for him. “If you have a child that young you should go, it helps not to back down. Finally, she knows better than anyone that Jocelyn herself would never have accepted letting go“, confided a family member Gala.

More recently, the actress spoke on the pages of the magazine about being a mother ELLE : “The absolute center of my whole life: my children. I don’t even have a word, it’s crazy. Thanks to them I am a happy woman“.

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